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Certificate of Location

The certificate of location comprises a report and a survey plan through which the surveyor expresses a professional opinion pertaining to the location and current condition of a parcel of land.


Siting refers to the positioning of a future construction on the land.

Description by Metes and Bounds

Description by metes and bounds describes the limits of a parcel of land that is subject to specific rights

Cadastral Operation (Subdivision), Concurrent Ownership

A cadastral operation entails creating a representation of a lot on a plan and identifying it with a lot number.


Staking refers to the entire set of operations carried out by the surveyor for the purpose of indicating the boundaries of a parcel of land using benchmarks, based on the surveyor’s opinion. It is only of use to the person who requested the staking.


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Boundary Marking

Boundary marking is a surveying operation that is carried out for the purpose of permanently establishing a boundary between two properties. It involves the participation of the owners of the two properties. Boundary marking operations can be carried out amicably or through the legal system if the parties involved do not agree with respect to the positioning of the line separating their properties.

Certification of Rental Spaces

The surveyor takes the measurements required to calculate the surface area to be taken into consideration or not within the context of the rental of commercial, industrial and institutional spaces in order to determine equitable and precise surface areas. The results are presented in the form of a report that certifies the accuracy of the calculations.

Land-use Planning

A land-use planning surveyor possesses the expertise to conduct studies, cadastral searches and title searches in order to prepare maps and plans depicting the use of land, structures, infrastructures and public utility networks.

Cartography and Topometry

Cartography refers to the representation of the topography of a lot using contour lines and the identification of all of the physical characteristics that are present on the surface of the lot. Topometry involves the measuring and calculation of the planimetric (x, y) and altimetric (z) position of points within the lot, disregarding the curvature of the Earth.

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